Our Culture

Our culture encourages teamwork and demands that the needs of our guests, colleagues and strategic partners be in the forefront of our minds. At the same time, we encourage personal growth. Words are not enough to fully explain our vision for the future, our mission and guiding principles; however, it is a start. We are committed to remind ourselves daily of these things we say we stand for and will consider if our actions are consistent with our beliefs. We are a team of unique individuals who together share common beliefs in order to achieve our objectives. This is where the real power lies in our organization.

Putting Diversity on the Front Burner

We celebrate, respect and honor what is unique and special about you. We are committed to cultivating a workforce mosaic that celebrates our differences and leverages the beauty and power of inclusivity.

Toto Days

Here at Front Burner we pride ourselves on our very integral principal of Family and Belonging. However, Family and belonging is not limited to just our immediate kinfolk. Every Tuesday through Friday, one of our All-Stars gets to bring in their furry canine family member to work for a day full of dog friendly fun.

Fun Fridays

Once a month, we sanction some time to have some real Front Burner fun. At around 4 o’clock , we gather ‘round our Heart of the House (Kitchen) for some laughs, drinks, comradery, and occasionally we even get to go on “field trips” where we get to support some of our local establishments.


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The company offers several recreation activities. Some of these perks include:

• Back Burner (Beer Garden)
• Shuffle Board
• Pool Table
Rock Climbing Wall
Corn Hole
Television in Heart of House
Fun meeting rooms (bean bag chairs, yoga balls, etc.)